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Starting your own MVNO is easy with MVNOU™ private label wireless.
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Review Pricing & Sign Up

This may be obvious, but we didn't want to miss anything. First you'll want to review our pricing. We have two different pricing tables at MVNOU™:

Subscription Pricing
Choose a subscription to join the MVNO program. The maintenance fee associated with your subscription covers things like support, hosting, development, and maintaining the MVNO backoffice.
Wholesale Pricing
These are the rates you'll pay as an MVNO when you activate or replenish one of your customers.
A FREE MyMVNOU™ account is required to view these rates.

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Verify Your Payment Method

Once your MVNO account is created you'll need to verify your payment method before you can get started. No worries, our verification process is completely online and should only take 1-2 minutes. We require this step to prevent fraud and you only need to do it once.

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Create Your Rate Plans

Your rate plans will show on the PLW and in the backoffice when activating or replenishing a new customer. Ideally you'll want to set your retail prices higher than the MVNOU™ wholesale price since the difference between the two is your profit.

Your Retail Price - Our Wholesale Price = $Your Profit

Watch the demo video

Private Label Your Portal

Time to make the MVNO portal your own.

Upload Your Logo
Upload your logo to replace the TeleKloud™ logo throughout the entire system. Your logo will also be used for outgoing e-mail notifications as well. Need help with your logo? Just ask us.

Setup E-Mail Notifications
Setup your email notifications by specifying which e-mail address the system should use when it send e-mails. All e-mails sent to your customers and dealers will appear to come from the address you specify.

Setup Domain & PLW
When you enable a custom domain you'll automatically enable the Private Label Website and have the ability to access the backoffice from your own domain.
Tutorial : Setup custom domain

Activate Your First Customer

We suggest making yourself your first customer to get a better understanding of the activation process. Understanding how your own service works is essential to selling (and being motivated to sell) your new wireless offering.

If you need SIM cards you can place an order by opening a support ticket in the TeleKloud™ backoffice.

Demo : Activate Your First Customer

Ready to start your MVNO or still want to learn more?

Contact Us

Phone: 1-844-4MY-MVNO

Email: Open a ticket


340 S LEMON AVE #6343
WALNUT, CA 91789

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MVNOU™ Takes On The Job
This is the information from the press release, just a few lines of it though.
April 29th 2019

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