What is the process of setting up a MVNO (mobile virual network operator) in the USA?

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Posted December 3rd 2017

So your ready to start your own private label wireless brand? Your not sure of the details and your even more unsure about the initial investment required.
Let us help...

First, a quick money saving announcement.

MVNO's are dependent on their agreements with underlying carriers In the USA this usually means an agreement with one of the nationwide carriers, we all know who they are. Obtaining and maintining this agreement may be your largest expense and headache.
Maintaining your own agreements may be the route to go for some, but for many smaller and new MVNO's sharing an agreement will likely be the better option.

Pros. vs Cons


- Leanghther processs including integration.
- Obtaining a customer management and billing system, including call rating (BSS/OSS). Although this may be easily attained there are significant cost involded.
- 100% risk, especially if offering bundled plans.
- 100% control of your rate plans and the services you choose to offer.


- Because multiple MVNO's utilize the same agreement new subscriber growth may be faster, possibly allowing for reduced cost and upward tier movenent.
- Obtain a customer management and billing system already working with existing agreements and for less investment.
- Offer pre-built bundle plans, less rate structure flexibility.
- Access to existing developed tools such as real-time API's.

With both models you'll bear the responsibility of the marketing budget, customer service, and everthing else associated with running your own business.


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