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GSMA Network
Posted February 20th 2019

We are happy to introduce the GSMA network to our valued MVNO partners this Feburary 2019. Compared to our other networks, the GSMA network offers special pricing, features, and plans
not previously available. To make these great features and pricings available to you certain terms apply, they are listed below.

BETA Status

The GSMA network is currently in BETA status. We've developed a powerful platform to operate and manage the GSMA network, because this platform is new we are confident there will be occasional bugs and new discoverys (we can only test so much). Until all bugs (if any) are worked out we will keep the GSMA network in BETA status and can not make any guarantees to it's availability or quality of service.

Unlimited Data

- The reasonable use policy (RUP) applies to all plans with an unlimited feature (ie. unlimited talk, text, or data), view it here.

- DATA only devices activated on any plan specifed as a "Smartphone Plan" will be terminated without refund. Data only devices (including hotspot, IoT, etc) must be activated on one of the wholesale plans specified as data only.

International Calling

- All smartphone plans include unlimited calling to ALL of North America, this includes the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

- If (by request) international calls are unblocked this will allow the subscriber to call anywhere in the world. The international rates are extremely high on the GSMA network ($3 - $8 per minute), any overages not paid for by the subscriber via their cash balance will be chagred to your MVNOU account if/when the subscriber is cancelled and the cash balance is not brought to a $0.00 balance.


Grace Period

GSMA network subscribers are granted three (3) days to make a payment once their account goes into NON-PAY status. After three days the account will be cancelled/deactivated. Once cancelled SIM cards can not be reused. The number can be recovered if requested, the fee is $7 for a recovery, the recovery process may take up to 7 business days.


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