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New MVNO Getting Started
Posted January 29th 2018

Getting Started Guide

We’ve placed the getting started steps in order of their importance. We highly suggest setting up your new MVNOU™ account in this order.

Sign in to TeleCloud at

Step 1

- Update Your Password

First you should change your password from the default password created for you. Your password can be updated by clicking “My Profile” on the main menu or just follow this link:

When updating your password feel free to upload a profile picture as well.

Step 2

- Create Your Rate Plans

You can’t activate new customers without rate plans. When new customers sign in or activate on the private label website they’ll see your plans. In addition, you will choose from your plans in the TeleCloud portal when activating and replenishing your customers.

To create your rate plans visit “Rate Plans” on the main menu.

NOTE: Don’t see any networks? Please open a ticket and ask that we enable them for you.

Step 3

- Upload your logo

Your logo is shown on outgoing emails, in the TeleCloud web portal, and of course on the Private Label Website.

Your logo must be 245x75 pixels and we highly suggest a transparent PNG image.

A. Head over to “Private Label Options” on the main menu or just click the link below.

B. Use the down arrow on the right to toggle the “Primary System Logo” section.

C. Upload your logo. .

D. Sign out and then back in to view the changes.

Step 4

- Setup Notifications

TeleCloud supports two types of email notifications.

Customer Notifications - Private label emails sent to your customers.

Cloud Notifications - Private label emails sent to you and your dealers.

Most emails are automated, all are branded with your logo and are sent “from” the email address you specify as the notification e-mail.

We suggest setting up each e-mail notification.

NOTE: If you skip this step you will miss very important emails from MVNOU™

A: E-Mail Notifications :

B. Click any notification type and then enter the email you want the notification sent “from” and select “enabled”, then click “Save Notification”.

Step 5

- Setup your Private Label Website and Private Label Backoffice

The Private Label Website (PLW) is actually two web portals in one. Whether your customers need to access their account online or activate a new device, it can all be done from the PLW. Completely private labeled with your brand name, you can include the PLW in an invisible frame on your existing web site and even place it on your own domain.

The PLW works with your existing domain name. We suggest placing the PLW on a subdomain of your existing web site. For example, if your web site is “” you may want to place the PLW on or

A. In TeleCloud head over to “Private Label Options” on the main menu or follow this link:

B. Use the down arrow to expand “Custom Domain Settings”.

C. In the “Custom Domain” section input your choice of domain (DO NOTE include www or http://). Take note of the IP address listed under this field, you’ll need it in the next step.

D. With your hosting provider or domain registrar utilize their DNS tools to point an A record from your chosen domain to the specified IP address. Once completed you can access the TeleCloud system via your custom domain and the PLW is accessible by adding a /plw.

For example:


Step 6

- Setup Payment Processors

If you plan to use TeleCloud to auto bill your customers or allow customer to activate and pay on the Private Label Website you’ll need to setup a payment gateway.

Head over to “Payment Gateways” on the main menu or follow this link:

Currently TeleCloud supports Stripe and, input your credentials for one of these gateways and your all set.

Step 7

- Order SIM cards

Your ready to order SIM cards now. Head over to this FAQ to find out how.


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