What phones can I activate?

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Posted June 22nd 2017

Please note that MVNOU does not provide support for phones, only the service. If you choose to activate your own phone or allow BYOD, supporting the customers handset is your job and your job alone. Some handsets DATA and MMS may not work properly either due to incompatible frequencies or other hardware factors.

When in doubt if a handset is compatible please use the ESN Eligibility tool on the PLW or open a support ticket and include the MEID/ESN/IMEI.

VZW CDMA Network
You can activate any VZW phone as long as it meets the following requirements:
* Is not already active (or suspended) on an existing account.
* Is not reported lost or stolen.
* Is not connected to an account that has a past due balance with Verizon.
* Is not a prepaid phone (usually purchased at Wal-Mart, Target, etc).


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