What is the Private Label Wireless IVR?

Private Label IVR
Posted December 5th 2017

The Private Label Wireless IVR was built using the TeleKloud API and the Teleoh API, it allows your wireless customers to retrieve their account information, and more via telephone 24/7.

Features Include (as of 12/5/2017)
- Give customers their usage information, their current data usage, and cycle details.

- Allows customers to make a payment over the phone; their account is replenished instantly upon successful payment. This feature utilizes YOUR merchant account as specified in TeleKloud. Problem with the payment? The customer will be transferred to your support team.

- Gives existing customers a way to reach your technical support team. Add up to 10 phone numbers to ring at once, the first member of your support team to accept the call will be connected with the customer.

- Set your own business hours to prevent support calls from incoming when your closed.

Ready to launch your IVR? Here's the link...


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