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Posted October 2nd 2019

We're excited to officially announce the launch of, we will begin deployment on October 21st, 2019 with all systems live by the end of the same week.

Required Updates:

* You will need to use the "Forgot Password" tool on launch day to receive your new username, signing in using your e-mail address is no longer supported.
* All support ticket e-mail pipe addresses have been updated, you will need to change your forwarding address to continue allowing customers (and now guest) to open tickets via email.
* Notification settings from TK V3 will not be moving over to as the system has been completely rebuilt, you will need to set up notifications again.
* Payment gateway settings from TK V3 will NOT be moving over to, you will need to set up your payment gateway(s) again (save those credentials now!).

Updates & Changes (non-exhaustive):

* Indicates feature was implemented from a client suggestion during the open suggestion period in 2018.

- We've elimited the queue, no more waiting for transactions to complete.

- You will no longer sign in with your e-mail, instead, everyone has a username now.

- Support tickets can now be opened and replied to by guest users either from the upcoming PLW or via the e-mail pipe.

- * Sidebar now remains open on all screens with the option to close the menu.

- * Character minimums and maximums adjusted for support ticket subjects and other API's.

- * How to see if autopay failed? Transaction history is now recorded for customer credit cards providing a "payment history" for end-users.

- Promo codes allow VAR's to create coupons for new subscribers, apply codes to a single rate plan or all plans.

- Customer accounts now support account credit. Account credit is automatically deducted for new orders and replenishments.

- * You can now delete customer accounts, accounts with orders are not eligible for deletion.

- Instantly reverse billing transactions on cloud accounts under your control without having to issue manual debits or credits.

- Support tickets connected to orders now show on the connected order.

- All notification templates have been updated.

- You can now use custom HTML for notifications or use the provided template.

- * Partners can see their discount pricing on a new screen titled "Discount Table".

- * Support tickets have new statuses, tickets considered "Answered" will be marked as such while tickets that have not been answered will remain "Open". Answered tickets that receive a reply will be changed back to "Open". Answered tickets that don't receive a reply within 72 hours will be automatically set as "Closed".

- "Closed" tickets can now be replied to and re-opened.

- Partners can now reload using a credit card or bank account/ACH. This feature can be turned off or on per cloud account using the "Reload via ACH" and "Reload via Card" options respectively.

- Credit cards added to cloud accounts have a new verification schema using micro debits.

- We've implemented real-time bank account verification with Plaid allowing users to log in to their online banking from the portal for instant verification when adding a bank account.

- * Billing transactions now have an "Ending Balance" similar to a bank account ledger.


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