List of Common Errors

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Posted June 16th 2018

These are common errors you may receive while processing transactions in TeleKloud.

E. Plan not found for combination.
A. The device you're trying to activate is not compatible with the plan you're trying to activate. For example, for smartphone plans, the device should be a smartphone. If you think you received this error and it's not valid please open a ticket.

E. Temporary monetary failure. Please try your activation again later.
A. This error occurs when the carrier or the billing system providers billing system is down. The key word in this error is "temporary". There is nothing you nor MVNOU can do about this error except wait until their billing system is back up.

E. The replenishment failed
A. Same as Temporaty monetary failure above.

E. Internal Error 3
A. This error can mean a few different things. First, if your trying to activate on the TMO network make sure the SIM card has never been used as they can only be used once. If your not sure please open a ticket on the account.

E. Sending credit card numbers directly to the Stripe API is generally unsafe To continue processing use Stripe.js
A. This error is not from TeleKloud but from Stripe. There is a simple fix. Visit the link below and enable "Process Payments Unsafely".

E. Invalid ownerdb id
A. Sprint only error. Always means the device your attempting to activate is not compatible with the Sprint network. Sometimes we can fix this by loading the MEID manually, other times you will need to contact Sprint to get the device released. Remember, Sprint only activates Sprint APPROVED devices.


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