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Posted July 20th 2017

Why do I need partner accounts?If you have other companies (dealers, partners, or agents) that wish to offer your private branded service you can give them access to the TeleKloud system and choose which of your products they can offer. This guide will help you setup a new partner, choose which services they can offer (set discounts), and setup payment methods which allow partners to add funds to their account. If you have uploaded a logo in your VAR account the partner account will show that same logo.

What is a Partner?A partner is a dealer nested under your VAR account. Partners do not have administrator access like a VAR user would but can still place orders, replenish, and create customer accounts. A partners billing is seperate from a VAR's billing; as a VAR you are responsible for billing your partners. Unlike your VAR account (which can be either prepaid or postpaid) and a bank account or credit card may be required for billing, partner accounts are prepaid and your partner will need to add funds to their account before performing transactions which eliminates any risk for you (the VAR).

Step 1:
Provide reload instructions for your partners:

There are several ways for a partner to add funds to their account but first the VAR must make those options available. The payment methods currently supported for partners are listed below.
         *Credit Card (Stripe,, any other supported gateways)Setup your credit card gateways and partners will be able to reload their account using any card type you accept. The gateways can be setup at this link:
         *CashTeleKloud makes it possible to provide instructions for a partner to load cash into their account. Once a partner sends cash to a VAR it is the VAR's responsibility to credit the partners account. The article below can help you learn how to credit a partner account when they send you cash either using a mobile app or via bank deposit.

To setup cash instructions for your partners visit and toggle the "Prepay Cash Instructions" section.

Step 2:
Enable the CLIENT_CLIENT notification.

When you create a partner account the partner will receive an e-mail with their initial username and password (much like you did when becoming a VAR). If they do not receive this e-mail there is no way for them to access their partner account so it is imperative that you setup the CLIENT_CLIENT notification option in your VAR account first. Notifications can be setup here:
To setup this notification visit
Find the CLIENT_CLIENT notification event and enter a from e-mail address. The from e-mail address is the address the welcome e-mail will be sent from when you setup a new partner. Change the status to ENABLED and click the "Save" button. NOTE: While your on the notifications screen, if you haven't already, it's a good idea to setup all your notifications.

Step 3:
Creating the partner account

Now that we've added payment methods so the partner can deposit funds in their account and setup our CLIENT_CLIENT notification so the new partner will receive their welcome e-mail we can now create the partner.
A. To create a partner account visit "Kloud Accounts" or just click here:
B. Enter the partners new account information.
C. Cofirm the information is correct and click the "Create Account" button. If your request is successful the parter will have been created and will receive a welcome e-mail from the system containting their initial user name and password.

IMPORTANT: Your partner can still not place new orders or replenish services until you complete step 4 below.

Step 4: Setup discount for your partner
Initially your partner has access to none of your rate plans, which means they can not activate, replenish, or really do anything. You must assign the rate plans you want the partner to have access to.
A. Visit "Kloud Accounts > Manage" on the main menu in TeleKloud or just click this link: the account, click it, and then locate the "%Product Discounts" button in the upper right corner on the Kloud Account screen.
Once here you have two options, either set the discounts for the partner independently or copy discounts that you've already given to a different partner previously to your new partner. For the purpose of this tutorial we will set the discounts independently.

B. Next, pick the product group you want to give the partner access to. For the purpose of this tutorial we are picking "Wireless (GSM)".
C. You should see a list of rate plans that are available to you from MVNOU, next to the plan name (on the right) you will find your wholesale price and setup as defined by MVNOU in Schedule A.
The "Discount Setup Price" and "Discount Recurring Price" text fields are where you should enter the amount you wish to charge your partner for the setup and recurring cost of the selected plan. For example, if your wholesale setup price is $65 from MVNOU, you may want to charge your partner $70, of course all rates are up to you.
Once you enter the discount prices you wish for the partner to be charged you can click "Save". You will need to do this for each plan you want your partner to have access to.
  - If you don't setup a discount price or recurring price for a particular plan your partner WILL NOT have access to that plan. The partner will not be able to replenish an existing account that has those services and will not be able to place a new order for those services either.
- If you (the VAR) do not have a custom rate plan created for the plan your setting discounts for, the partner will still NOT have access to the plan. Please make sure all of your custom rate plans are created under "Rate Plans" in your VAR account.

Congratulations, you now have a partner / dealer program. By the way, you can setup new partners and set their discounts using the TeleKloud API for a automated solution integrated with your web site, see the API docs at


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