How do I setup my custom domain?

TeleKloud Backoffice
Posted June 26th 2017

In TeleKloud™ your private label web site is part of your custom domain, they are both setup at the same time. Therefore, setting up your custom domain will also setup your PLW.

The custom domain option requires that you dedicate either a sub domain or a fully qualified Url and point it's A record at the IP address of the TeleKloud system.

Step by step:

1. Click here:
2. Click "Custom Domain Settings" to toggle the section.
3. Enter the custom domain you wish to use, for example "" or simply "".
4. With your hosting provider or domain registrar point an A record for your custom domain to the TK IP address (listed in this section).
5. Once setup you can access your PLW at "" or "", for example.

For aditional assistance please see this demo video:


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