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How does the monthly minimum subscription work?
It's pretty simple, spend at least $500 a month with us (on new activations and replenishments - hardware and SIM purchases are not included) and pay no monthly mainteance fee. If you spend less than $500 in any single month you'll pay the difference between your spend and the $500 mo...
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What is considered reasonable usage on your unlimited plan?
UNLIMITED DOES NOT MEAN UNREASONABLEUNLIMITED PLANS REASONABLE USAGE POLICY /Last Updated: 10/2/2019We want all of our customers to receive the best rate plans and service ("Services") possible...
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MVNOU Value Added Reseller (VAR) Agreement
Last Update: 7/19/2022 (Latest updates are highlighted)Value Added Reseller (VAR) Agreement This Value Ad...
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How does billing work for my MVNOU account?
All MVNO accounts are now prepaid.NOTE: When you first start your MVNO subscription you will be asked for a credit card but only to verify your identity.You can add funds to your account with one of the following services once your portal has been setup (usually within a few minutes)....
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What is your privacy policy?
Hawkins Enterprise Group LLC (DBA MVNOU) Privacy Policy DISCLAIMER MVNOU utilizes, in whole or in part, the public Internet and third party networks to transmit voice and other communications. MVNOU makes no claims with regards to the...
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Who owns my customers?
You put in the work and you own your customers, you'll find similar text in our reseller agreement when you sign up online. If in the future you choose to work directly with the carrier, another service provider, or an MVNE you can port your customers to your new contract without...
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What is your refund policy?
At MVNOU we've offered a money back gurantee for over five years. Due to the changes we've made in the way we price our services we will no longer offer a money back guarantee.New Policy Effective 9/18/2017- No refunds wlll be given for monthly/annual mainteance fee's that are ...
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MVNOU Support Guarantee
The reseller support 12 hour SLA guarantee ('the SLA') is a legally binding agreement between MVNOU's Private Label Telecom resellers and Hawkins Enterprise Group LLC ('MVNOU'). The SLA was put in place by MVNOU in November 2012 to serve as a commitment from MVNOU to it's resellers in...
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