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What happens when a subscriber uses all their available data?
On all networks if a subscriber utilizes all of their available data AND generates overage charges, the line (talk, text, and data) will be suspended. The subscriber can then accessyour PLW to add data (cash balance) or you may do this for them in the TeleKloud back office.A data warn...
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Is VoLTE available on the CDMAV network?
Currently we are unable to offer VoLTE. This means the following features will not be available. - Visual voicemail - Using data while talking on the phone (wifi still works) - HD Calling...
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What is the 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer?
This offer has been extended for cyber week until December 4th 2020We're excited to announce our first sale in three years. The 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale offers 40% off all subscriptions for new MVNO clients. Valid for new MVNO clients only. First subscrip...
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Is roaming outside of the USA included or available?
Although your customers may roam "on-net" anywhere in the U.S., roaming outside of the United States is NOT included or available with any of our rate plans....
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What is the process of setting up a MVNO (mobile virual network operator) in the USA?
So your ready to start your own private label wireless brand? Your not sure of the details and your even more unsure about the initial investment required.Let us help...First, a quick money saving announcement.
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How do I order SIM cards?
SIM Card Shipment Policy- All SIM cards are shipped either USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail (depending on weight), this is 2-3 day shipping anywhere in the USA.- We can not ship overnight or any faster, so please order enough so you don't run out.- When in stock we ship S...
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Will the SIM card have my logo or brand on it?
SIM cards are plain white on the front and back and contain no logo. If you want a logo on the card you can:1. Use a sticker.2. Use a stamp.3. Get a card printer that s...
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Is number porting available?
Your customers can port their existing numbers to your service at the time of activation.Porting is free and usually takes between 10 minutes and 24 hours to complete. To make sure your number port is processed fast make sure all information provided is correct....
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Do you offer phone support?
Only for existing clients. The phone number your calling from must match the phone number on your account.If your thinking about joining MVNOU™ you can contact our support team by opening a ticket here:
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What are the wholesale rates I pay per subscirber?
Pricing for our wholesale wireless services is available online when you create a FREE MyHEG™ account. Your MyHEG account allows you to view pricing and ask our support team questions (submit a ticket) 24/7.Follow these steps to view current wholesale wirele...
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