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How do I find my PayPal Payments Pro credentials?
To create an API signature:NOTE: The PayPal integratin in TeleCloud is PayPal Payments Pro, it is different from normal PayPal payments because it allows you to charge cards directly without utilizing the PayPal payments flow. Please apply and enable PayPal Payments Pro on your accoun...
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Getting Ready for TeleCloud
We're excited to officially announce the launch of, we will begin deployment on October 21st, 2019 with all systems live by the end of the same week.Required Updates:* You will need to...
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List of Common Errors
These are common errors you may receive while processing transactions in TeleKloud. E. Plan not found for combination.A. The device you're trying to activate is not compatible with the plan you're trying to activate. For example, for smartphone plans, the device should be a sma...
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What payment gateways are supported for customer billing?
TeleKloud supports and Stripe payment gateways.If you'd like a different payment gateway implemented please let us know and we can do this for free but only if your payment gateway API supports the functions needed to work with TeleKloud....
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How It Works : Replenishments and Renewals
Replenishment's work exactly the same as new activation's, funds need to be available on your prepaid balance.For customers setup on auto payIf the customers card is approved and the funds are not on your TK balance then the replenishment will fail. Should the replenishment fai...
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How do I open a support ticket for a customers service or activation?
1. Navigate to the customer's account using the "Search for anything" bar or by clicking "Customers" on the main menu.2. On the customer menu to your left navigate to "Orders".3. Click the order in question to expand it.4. Click "Options > Open Request".When you open a request using t...
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What are notifications and how do I use them?
This article is a overview of how e-mail notifications work in TeleKloud. All e-mail notifications sent from TeleKloud are private labeled with your brand, logo, and e-mail address.Cu...
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What are your support ticket response times?
Ticket response times are as follows.Service related (ie. a customer service is not working, having trouble with a activation, etc)2 hours / every dayAny other issue:24 hours / Monday - Friday 10AM to 5PMWe do not respond to non service related issues on the weekend...
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How To: Setup and manage partner accounts
Ready to setup your first partner and launch your dealer program?Check out the Partner Setup Guide....
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How do I create and edit my custom rate plans?
Creating your rates plans is simple, see the TeleKloud demo video below for a step by step tutorial....
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How do I setup my custom domain?
In TeleCloud™ your private label web site is part of your custom domain, they are both setup at the same time. Therefore, setting up your custom domain will also setup your PLW.The custom domain option requires that you dedicate either a sub domain or a fully qualified Url an...
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How do I access the XML API?
Full API documentation is available on the TeleKloud web site.Please click the link below. ...
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Can I upload my logo to back office?
Yes, and you can put the back office on your own domain.Your logo will appear in the back office and on all outgoing notifications to your customers. Follow this link to get started:
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