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How does the monthly minimum subscription work?
It's pretty simple, spend at least $500 a month with us (on new activations and replenishments - hardware and SIM purchases are not included) and pay no monthly mainteance fee. If you spend less than $500 in any single month you'll pay the difference between your spend and the $500 mo...
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What is the 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer?
This offer has been extended for cyber week until December 4th 2020We're excited to announce our first sale in three years. The 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale offers 40% off all subscriptions for new MVNO clients. Valid for new MVNO clients only. First subscrip...
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What is the Private Label Wireless IVR?
The Private Label Wireless IVR was built using the TeleKloud API and the Teleoh API, it allows your wireless customers to retrieve their account information, and more via telephone 24/7.Features Include (as of 12/5/2017) - Give customers their usage information, their current d...
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What is the process of setting up a MVNO (mobile virual network operator) in the USA?
So your ready to start your own private label wireless brand? Your not sure of the details and your even more unsure about the initial investment required.Let us help...First, a quick money saving announcement.
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MVNOU Value Added Reseller (VAR) Agreement
Value Added Reseller (VAR) Agreement This Value Added Reseller Agreement (“Agreement”) by HAW...
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How does billing work for my MVNOU account?
All MVNO accounts are now prepaid.NOTE: When you first start your MVNO subscription you will be asked for a credit card but only to verify your identity.You can add funds to your account with one of the following services once your portal has been setup (usually within a few minutes)....
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MVNOU Support Guarantee
The reseller support 12 hour SLA guarantee ('the SLA') is a legally binding agreement between MVNOU's Private Label Telecom resellers and Hawkins Enterprise Group LLC ('MVNOU'). The SLA was put in place by MVNOU in November 2012 to serve as a commitment from MVNOU to it's resellers in...
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